The 4th ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference

Exploring the opportunities in India

October 2020 // India

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Conference Agenda

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08:30Registration and refreshments
09:00Welcome and Chair’s opening remarks [More Info]
09:30The rapid economic growth of India: What is next? [More Info]
10:10Science vs Art in Surfactant Design [More Info]
10:50Refreshments and networking
11:20Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) and growth of its alternates [More Info]
12:00A perspective on LAB capacities In India: Why the capacities are static? [More Info]
12:40Lunch and networking
13:40Viewpoints on circular economy: How is it changing the packaging strategies for consumer products? [More Info]
14:20The future of surfactants – A Godrej perspective [More Info]
15:00Refreshments and networking
15:30Transformation in India's home and personal care sector: What can we expect? [More Info]
16:10Business, regulatory and sustainability challenges for India’s chemical industry [More Info]
16:50Chair’s closing remarks [More Info]
17:00Close of conference day one and drinks reception
09:00Welcome and Chair’s opening remarks [More Info]
09:10Challenges and future changes in the upstream synthetic feedstock market [More Info]
09:50Opportunities and challenges in the Oilfield [More Info]
10:30Refreshments and networking
11:00Results of the Surfactants Survey [More Info]
11:30Influence of Beauty & Personal Care and Home Care on surfactants in India [More Info]
12:10Chair’s closing remarks [More Info]
12:20Lunch and end of conference
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