The 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Countdown to 2020: Mitigating volatility and increasing efficiencies across the region

25 - 27 June 2019 // Fairmont Hotel, Singapore





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Conference Agenda

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08:00Registration and refreshments
09:00Welcome – ICIS
09:05Welcome and Chairs’ opening remarks [More Info]
09:15Economic outlook for Asia ahead of 2020 [More Info]
09:55Balancing base oil supply and demand in Asia [More Info]
10:35Refreshment break and networking
11:05Group II: Impact of additional global capacities on Asia [More Info]
11:45Lubricant & emission trends in Indonesia [More Info]
12:25Changing specification trends in India [More Info]
13:05Lunch and networking
14:20Passenger car engines in 2020: An OEM perspective [More Info]
15:00Case study: The existing heavy-duty vehicle parc in Asia [More Info]
15:30Refreshment break and networking
16:00Shifting gears: How the implementation of Euro VI equivalents is progressing across Asia [More Info]
17:30End of conference day one
09:00Welcome and Chair’s opening remarks [More Info]
09:10Update on trade dynamics with the Middle East [More Info]
09:50Five years on: GTL and the evolving market landscape [More Info]
10:30Refreshment break and networking
11:00Insights into the world’s first Coal to Liquids (CTL) ISODEWAXING unit [More Info]
11:40Innovations in the Asian two-wheeler markets [More Info]
12:20Lunch and end of conference
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