15th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

15 - 17 March 2023 // Fairmont Hotel - Singapore

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Base Oils Training Series

22 - 23 June 2020

In addition to the conference, we are also offering the opportunity to take part in our Base Oils training series. You can reserve a place at either one of these courses, or you can attend both. If you would like to attend both the conference and training please get in touch with us for our best rates.

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Base Oils I: Fundamentals of the Base Oils Business (23 June 2020)

A day of introductory base oil training will help you navigate the maze and understand the basics of global base oil refining including terminology, crude requirements, solvent and hydroprocessing technology, product quality fundamentals, and market demand.

Key topics covered:

  • Global base oil refining, crude types, and manufacturing routes • API Groups I, II, III, IV, and V – what they mean, and are they still relevant?
  • Finished lubricants market segments & demand – where base oils are used
  • Future trends – GTL, bio-lubricants, re-refined oils, and more

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the lubricant base oil market and its fundamental drivers
  • Grasp the key base oil manufacturing and product quality concepts
  • Learn about the similarities and differences among the different types of base oils
  • Get a glimpse into key trends in the base oil industry

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Base Oils II: Product Quality and Global Profitability (24 June 2020)

The second course in the series will focus on engine oil qualities and its relationship to the sector and how it will influence profitability. By attending this course, you will gain a better understanding of base oil economics and global supply-demand balances enabling you to navigate competently into the dynamic market.

Key topics covered:

  • Base oils pricing mechanisms
  • Engine oil specifications and requirements
  • 2025 base oil supply / demand forecast and methodology
  • Survival strategies in an oversupplied market

Benefits of attending:

  • Get a comparative understanding of the different groups of base oils
  • Learn about profit analysis using current crude, base oil, and by-product prices
  • Forecast supply and demand balances for base oils
  • Get ideas for improved profitability whether buying, selling, or trading base oils

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About the Trainer:

Amy Claxton is a registered professional Chemical Engineer and owns a consulting company called My Energy, specialising in consulting and training for the Base Oils, Waxes, and GTL industries. Her clients include publicly traded and privately held oil, gas, lube and wax companies, as well as law firms, venture capital firms, and other energy consulting companies. With over thirty years of experience in the refining industry, her expertise includes raw materials selection; manufacturing processes and economics; global supply and demand; and intellectual property analysis and support. 

Prior to starting her own company in 2001, Ms. Claxton worked for Dow Chemical, Exxon, and ExxonMobil. Her assignments included plant engineering and managerial positions in chemical plants and refinery fuels, lube base oil, and wax units. She managed technical services for Exxon’s 500,000 barrel per day refinery in Baytown, Texas, with departmental oversight of 100 employees including chemical, mechanical, civil and environmental engineers.