ICIS Base Oils & Lubricants Conferences

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A new virtual forum for base oils industry professionals

The base oils market must continue to function despite the exceptional disruption caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Market participants from across the base oils value chain need to find new ways to reconnect, interact and engage with peers, colleagues and leaders across the sector.
The FREE Base Oils & Lubricants Virtual Conferences, focussing on Asia, Middle East & Africa and Pan America from ICIS provide the opportunity to do all of this and more.
Join any of the ICIS Base Oils & Lubricants Virtual Conferences to hear the latest views from base oils industry leaders and experts and secure numerous opportunities to expand your network, build sector knowledge and do business. 
  • Content built around you: Ask your speaker and create your own agenda are among a host of new session formats which give you the power to shape the discussion and ask the questions which matter most to you
  • AI-powered networking platform: Take advantage of the intuitive ICIS networking recommendations, saving you time, and ensuring you connect seamlessly with the delegates and companies of most interest, and value, to you personally
  • Fun, engaging, interactive sessions: Brand-new ICIS sessions, including base oils pub quiz, coffee house, and guided meditation, as well as ask an ICIS industry expert, commercial showcases and the ICIS Rising Star award, all designed to create the optimum environment for learning and give you the opportunity to engage with your peers and colleagues in a less formal environment
  • Exclusive on-demand content: View presentations and company updates from a range of industry thought-leaders, at a time that is convenient to you 
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Registration Open: ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Virtual Conference
14-16 September 2020

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The ICIS Virtual event series are free to attend for this year only. Our objective is to support our audiences throughout this difficult time by providing a space to reconnect, engage and learn. As we move into 2021 we will bring back face to face events in a physical environment and will reintroduce ticket pricing.
Take advantage now to build your network virtually and we will all meet again in the not too distant future.