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Benefits of attending

Who attends?
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Benefits of attending & 2019 new features 

  • High-level content
    • Day 1 opened with a Plenary Keynote providing you with business-critical information on Middle Eastern macroeconomics and future transformation strategies as businesses' adapt to meet today's commercial demands
    • Thought-leading presentations continued across both conference days delving deeper into crucial topics and trends, including supply and demand dynamics, impact of sulphur restrictions on the region, spotlights on Saudi Arabia and Africa, and many more..
    • NEW for 2019 was the Roundtable Session on the afternoon of Day 1 enabling attendees to choose individual topic areas that are of most interest to them and participate in moderator-led, small, interactive discussions specific to those subjects, looking at best practices and lessons learnt.

  • Extended networking opportunities
    • Day 1 of the event hosted dedicated networking time for those looking to meet and do business, fostering commercial connections
    • Networking pods for small, private meetings were made available throughout the event
    • The new networking platform helped you match with the most relevant attendees and facilitate the scheduling of meetings ahead of the event
    • Refreshment breaks continued to be included within the conference programme to allow attendees to visit the exhibition area, talk to sponsors and meet peers and clients, in between content sessions
    • Networking-only passes were introduced for those focusing their time on making those essential industry connections (subject to availability and selection criteria applies)

  • A customised experience whether you are interested in the content, the networking or both

  • With new tools in place, better scheduling ahead of the event and optimisation of your time outside the office
The Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference is THE leading event in the Middle East within the base oils and lubricants market that is commercial and strategic in focus, but not specific to one country within the region.