ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

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Virtual networking for base oils professionals

We understand how important networking is for your business – in fact 83% of attendees say networking is the most valuable aspect of attending an ICIS conference.
Whilst face-to-face conferences are not an option, the new ICIS Networking Tool offers a unique online solution for base oils professionals.
Register for the ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Live and you’ll immediately gain a multitude of new opportunities to reconnect with the industry professionals you are interested in via the searchable attendee directory.
A professional, peer-level digital community which spans the base oils value chain
 Base oil producers Lubricant blenders
 Additives companies OEMs
 Traders/distributors Base oil associations
 Government/Regulatory bodies Service providers

How does it work?

1. Register for the ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Live 
2. Receive priority access when the portal opens (one week before the virtual conference)
3. Set up your professional profile
4. Search and view profiles and credentials of other attendees
5. Receive your personalised list of recommended contacts
6. Schedule introductions and meetings before, during and after the event
7. Leverage your enhanced worldwide network and maximise your competitive advantage
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Register your interest for the
27th ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Register here