The 23rd ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

Innovative technologies and industry disruptors: What do they mean for the lubricants business?

18-22 February 2019 // Park Plaza Westminster, London, UK

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Conference Agenda

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08:00Registration and refreshments
09:00Welcome – ICIS [More Info]
09:05Welcome and Chairs’ opening remarks [More Info]
State of Address: Big Oil perspective on the energy outlook [More Info]
09:55How is the base oils supply and demand picture influencing current and future commercial strategies? [More Info]
10:35OEM Perspective: How are innovations in base oils affecting future automotive design considerations? [More Info]
11:15Refreshment break and networking
11:45The future of Group II in Europe: New capacities and evolving specifications [More Info]
12:25Vehicle fuel efficiency enhancement via impactful collaboration [More Info]
13:05Special message from ExxonMobil, our lunch sponsor
13:10Lunch and networking
14:20State of the impact on lubricants from EVs [More Info]
15:00Panel: What is the opportunity for the lubricants industry and EVs? [More Info]
15:40Refreshment break and networking
16:10Sustainability: What does it mean for base oils and finished lubricants? [More Info]
16:40Panel: Sustainability across the base oils value chain [More Info]
17:30End of conference day one
19:00Gala Reception
07:30Registration and refreshments
08:00Breakfast Briefing: Innovations in marketing to increase lubricant sales [More Info]
09:00Welcome – ICIS [More Info]
09:05Welcome and Chairs’ opening remarks [More Info]
09:15Group III: Drivers for the Group III market [More Info]
09:55Impact of changes in vehicle ownership and user patterns on base oil and lubricant demand [More Info]
10:35Energy demand trends and the impact of future mobility [More Info]
11:15Refreshment break and networking
11:45IMO-2020: The collateral impact on base oils and lubricants [More Info]
12:25Insights into India [More Info]
13:05Lunch and networking
14:20Trends in lower viscosity motor oils [More Info]
15:00Evolving interchange guidelines and tests [More Info]
15:40End of conference