The 25th World Chlor-alkali Conference

16 - 17 June 2021 | Day 1: Start Time: 8:30AM London // 3:30PM Singapore | Day 2: Start Time: 1:30PM London // 8:30AM New York

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About Tecnon OrbiChem

Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1976.

Our independent, third-party, expert information has helped chemicals producers and consumers, financial institutions and government agencies to optimise their strategic and commercial decisions, planning and business development, product diversification and mergers, acquisitions or divestments.
Tecnon OrbiChem helps companies grasp new opportunities arising from the need for additional capacity, the availability of innovative processes, the expansion of industrialising markets, the need for better performing products, and the aspirations of the public for better environmental awareness by the industry.
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Our Expertise

Tecnon OrbiChem expertise helps improve companies’ present efficiency, while advising them on strategies to take advantage of future developments. The detailed monthly reports on a wide range of chemicals markets have become standard guides for buyers and sellers of chemicals. At the other end of time horizons, long term market reports of chemicals market development provide the vision to allow today’s strategic planners to position their companies for continuing success for the next 20 years.

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Our Value

We provide reliable, accurate price transparency in chemical intermediates, synthetic fibres and plastics markets so you can be sure you are getting the best price in your market.

We provide reliable, accurate price transparency in chemical intermediates, synthetic fibres and plastics markets so you can develop credible benchmarks for supply and off-take agreements.
We provide future visibility of supply and demand so you can see supply shortages coming and plan for them, whether as a buyer or a seller.
We offer detailed, accurate data and analytics on over 30 main products to allow you to make strategic decisions to optimise your business for efficiency and profitability.
We provide a clear view of potential future trends with low, mid and high crude oil price scenario to guide decision-making
We provide a vision for a sustainable future for the chemical, plastics and synthetic fibres industries with news and analysis of the latest trends in the biomaterials arena
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Tecnon OrbiChem is a part of a group of companies that focus on providing business intelligence--powered by data, analytics and expertise--to commodity markets across the globe. The group of companies is backed by Battery Ventures, a technology-based private investment firm that has been focused on innovation since 1983.

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