The 7th ICIS & ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference

Keeping pace with industry developments to provide service with added value

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European Lubricating Grease Institute

The ELGI was established in May 1989 and is an independent, self-governing institute, financed solely by members. It is one of a group of scientific and technical institutes active in the field of tribology dealing with lubricating greases and associated products. The institute is involved in all aspects of this product group, particularly those concerning the technical, economic, ecological and legislative positions in Europe. A number of working groups have been created to deal with important issues in the European grease market. Current topics include Railway Lubricants, Bio-based Greases, Fundamental Research, Food Industry Lubrication, Test Methods, Aerospace Greases, Education & Training and Grease & the Environment, Grease Shelf Life, REACH, Grease Particle Evaluation. Other groups are encouraged and the ELGI facilities are available for such activities.

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Who are the board members?

Check out who are the key contacts:

  • Terry Dicken, Chairman, Global Lubricants Ltd
  • Leandro Muntada, Brugarolas S.A., Vice Chairman
  • Andre Adam, FRAGOL Beteiligungs GmbH, Treasurer
  • Rolf Quermann, Carl Bechem GmbH, Director
  • Andreas Dodos, Eldon's S.A., Director
  • Gaia Franzolin, Nynas AB, Director
  • Manfred Jungk, MJ-Tribology, Director
  • Carol Koopman, ELGI, Office Manager
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Want to get in contact with ELGI?

Hemonylaan 26
1074 BJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 6716162
Mobile: +31 (0) 62322 6180
Fax: +31 20 6732760

Email: carol@elgi.demon.nl
Email: carolkoopman@hotmail.com