The 7th ICIS & ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference

November 2020 // Europe

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Post-Conference Seminar

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As machinery design evolves so do the demands on performance and specifications of metalworking fluids required. Gain an understanding of the latest in technology, regulation and formulation during a full afternoon of content dedicated to the metalworking sector.

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13:20Chair’s opening remarks [More Info]
13:30Manufacturer’s views on metalworking fluids trends [More Info]
14:10Developing metalworking fluids in line with biocides regulation [More Info]
14:50Refreshment and Networking break
15:20Assessing the use of water miscible versus neat oils [More Info]
16:00Formulation considerations of metalworking fluids [More Info]
16:40Chair’s closing remarks and end of seminar [More Info]
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