ICIS Polyolefins Virtual Conference

3 - 4 November 2020 // Online





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New for 2020:

Emerging Markets Speed Session
As part of the main conference, this new session deep-dives into growing market opportunities outside of Europe for polyolefins. Topics include India, Africa and Indonesia.
Creating a Circular Economy Workshop: Aligning the goals of the industry to ensure the longevity of the market
A specialised afternoon dedicated to analysing the topics in circularity impacting the polyolefins market and bringing in case studies and audience engagement to provide a deep understanding of today’s challenges. Divided into three parts - Learning, Case Studies and Interaction - this workshop will deep-dive into different key areas for a circular future, including market conditions, packaging recyclability and bio-based polymers. 
Event Networking Platform
Schedule meetings, chat to other attendees and access conference information before you arrive to the conference - all on the new Event Networking Platform!
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Reasons to attend the conference:

  • Full supply chain consideration in the agenda to provide a clear understanding of essential topics that apply to the entire value chain as well as specific presentations targeting key sectors 
  • Networking breaks structured into the agenda, giving you time to plan meetings in advance as well as mingle during the drinks reception  
  • Economics paper detailing the relationship between movements in the polyolefins market and changes in economic trends to expand knowledge on this essential driving force in the market 
  • All new content in 2020 to provide industry relevant and up-to-date information on rising trends in the industry
  • Polyolefins week provides maximum learning opportunities with the Polyolefins training course, Conference and 'Creating a Circular Industry’ Workshop - all designed to strengthen your knowledge on the polyolefins industry

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Who should attend?

This industry event covers topics that affect the full value chain and this is reflected throughout the entire agenda.

The event is designed for:
  • Polyolefin producers 
  • Plastics compounders and converters
  • Traders and distributors
  • End Users: OEMS, brands and retailers
  • Logistics companies: Packaging, transport and storage
  • Machine technology companies
  • Recycling and recovery companies
  • Testing equipment and services
  • Circular economy professionals

Who attended in 2019? Networking